User Centered Research Facilitation

Workshop Facilitation

Workshop Facilitation

Hands-on Prototyping Exercises

Hands-on Prototyping Exercises


A design thinking-inspired process which empowers business development to empathize with their end users by guiding them through rapid prototyping, user testing, and iterations.

Main focus: Design Thinking, Human-centered Research, Interviews, Surveys, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing, Iteration.

My role: Project Lead

I led a team of 13 employees from product management, sales/marketing, research and technology through an iterative design thinking process to profile a new user group. The first phase of this project was focused on building empathy with this group. We ran 30 interviews, a survey with over 1800 respondents, and a 2-day workshop. This first phase made it clear that we needed a dedicated team to spend 3 weeks focused on this new user group.

Exercises like Value Clustering, Personas and Scenario Building, Pains and Gains, Empathy Mapping, User Journey Mapping, Idea Graphs, Sticky Dot Voting, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing, and Iteration. I recruited over 20 international end users for each of the user testing rounds.

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The workshop resulted in multiple solutions (from products, hardware, software, service, marketing/communication, etc) for three different business segments and their respective end users.